We have invested £3 million into a state of the art waste to energy site in Ramsbottom.

James Wheeldon holding SRF

This new site turns RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) into a light textured flock known as SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) which will be transported elsewhere to controlled burning sites to produce energy.

General and commercial waste travels through picking lines at our Bury, Oldham and Failsworth Materials Recycling Facilities, where dry recyclable products i.e. card, paper, wood, plastics, metal etc., are removed. What is left is RDF, which goes to our Ramsbottom Site. At our Waste to Energy Site the RDF is refined further using several shredders, separators and magnets to turn it into SRF. This is used as fuel to create power for making cement. This is significantly reducing the waste taken to landfill. Have a look at the Lindner in action at Ramsbottom….click here