20 yard rolonof
20 yd rolonof skip

Approximate dimensions:
20 yarder (15.3m³) H 1.17m, W 2.65m, L 5.59m

40 yard rolonof
40 yd rolonof skip

Approximate dimensions:
40 yarder (30.6m³) H 1.83m, W 2m, L 6.1m

Further information

Rolonof skips are designed for industrial waste i.e. large and bulky items, and are ideal if you have large amounts of waste that needs removing.

40 yard rolonof skips can be open or lidded. Rolonof skips open at the rear for access on foot or fork lift truck.

The wagon can transport up to 15 tonnes of waste. Due to there size they are charged by weight.

We hire out and sell compactor units (packers) for light waste, this packs the waste into a lidded 40 yard skip on your site.

All loads must be no more than level full, so that the skip will be safe to travel on the road.