Working with you for a better environment

Our environmental policy shows you recycling is a thread that runs through our company.

With 5 picking lines, if you don’t recycle we do it for you. There is no need for you to have multiple bins on your site. Having many bins is expensive but caring for the environment is important to you so we take care of it.

The hierarchy of waste has been fully considered and applied under regulation 12 of the waste regulations 2011. Using Wheeldon’s for your waste ensures you comply fully with this law at no cost to you. Around 90% of the waste we receive is recycled.

Waste received goes through trommels to get the soil off and then feeds the picking line with mixed waste for sorting. We have invested heavily in a materials recycling facilities (MRF) and Waste for Energy equipment to minimise waste to landfill and help the environment.

Tyres are de-rimmed and shredded on site by a granulator and grizzly system. We accept all types of tyres ie car, wagon and earth mover tyres. The crumb goes for horse arenas, polo fields, running tracks, road building and safety matting.

Plasterboard, batteries, tyres, paint and weee waste (TV’s and fridges etc.) must be recycled and never sent to landfill. From April 2016, mattresses will also come into this category.